Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting ready...

This weekend is my first Adepticon ever.  I am going with Chosen1 from Team Snake Eyes an Chambers from The Back 40k. I am getting pretty excited.  I am avoiding any and all hard compitition though if I had a team I would love to do that but not this year. This year I am doing the friendly as well as Combat Patrol.

Here is my final list  for both.
Combat Patrol
Friendly list

I want to thank Chambers for pointing me to the direction of battlescribe.  Ever since my laptop went down I have been with out army builder and while it is a great program it is not worth $40 a year to keep a license.  I usually just have an excel spreadsheet with my list with points and upgrades on it.  This looks nicer.  I keep telling myself that one day I will make my own... yea dream on ^_^

I have finished my army transport and while it is not as polished as one of those back packs from battle foam it saved me 120-150 bucks and it does a nice job.

next thing I want to ad is some snaps that will hold the bottom down near the bottom and some clips for my dice and templates.

Also I figured out that I am going to need to have some kind of tray to move my army from table to table last night I got a board and some trim but the trim looks bad so I plan on getting some new pieces tonight and trying to assemble it and get it primed tonight.
So I have a lot to do before I leave Thursday.  I think it is all doable though. 

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?