Thursday, April 4, 2013

Almost there...

The Tau book comes out in just a couple of days and I am getting excited. I have read all the rumors and now we have leaked photos from the codex.  I have picked one set of photos to talk about but you can find the rest at Faeit 212 site.

The ones I like are for Commander Shadowsun.  I have always liked her model but never used her because 1 shot could be the end of her. not so much any more.  Here are the shots

she is still weak to S6 Shots and she has her normal drones but what makes her different is this page

Now she can join a unit of stealth suits or a unit of crisis suits and have some protection from being instant deathed.  She is still pretty pricey for some melta shots with a 3+ save but for at least now I might play her for some fun in a group of stealth suits.  If I use her as my warlord she gets option 3.
which if I remember right is the jump back in the assault move.  If this is correct it make her and her squad pretty fast and able to get out of dodge after laying down some fire.
Pew Pew
Here is the almost complete Shadowsun.  I need to add in some higlighting. It is my favorite infantry model that the Tau have.  too bad mine is metal.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?