Monday, February 27, 2012

New Tau and Ork Boys

Well the weekend has come and gone and it is another Monday.... bleh. I didn't get any games in this weekend but I did get a few models painted.  Starting with my Tau test model.  A lowly fire warrior

After I got my colors the way I like them I painted up the Tau commander Shadowsun.  I am not sure if I will ever use her but I think she is a pretty cool model. 

 finally here are some of my Ork Boys here are the 2 I finished...

...and here are the ones I am still working on...

 So that is all I have worked on this weekend.  I hope to have the rest of the boys done before the weekend so I can concentrate on my new incoming Nids. Nom nom nom.

Lastly I have seen a new WIP from my Polish friends at Puppets War that I am excited about.  I think these will be perfect for my rough riders

Happy Monday everyone.