Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Musings


Welcome to another 40k fan blog.  In reality I don't expect any one to read this but I will use it to throw thought out there and see just how crazy they look in print.  I am sorry for any spelling error or grammar errors but I am not an English major and this is not a term paper. so onto the thoughts of the day.

to stompa or not to stompa that is the question.

Ok, so, we are going to have a APOC game in the next few months. I have been told that it is some fluff story of the battle of armeggedon.  Not a big deal this means Orks vs Imperium.  I could do either side since I have both orks and IG but there are a bunch of SM players so I will be playing orks.  I have a good size army with orks but for these games I feel that an extra umph is needed so it is just not a oversized game of 40k.  With that in mind I want something BIG for the battle.  Since the cool tanks are out of my price range this leaves me with a couple of choices.

Stompa VS Mega Dread.

I know a lot of people find the look of the stompa very ugly.  I actually like it.  My big problem is that I would want my stompa to be the Eye in the Sky Variant. This means I would have to convert.  I do convert but only out of necessity.  I am afraid to add my poor skills on a model the  size of a Stompa.  I know that if I do get a stompa no matter which one I get it will have an impact of the game. If nothing else it will draw fire till it falls down giving my battle wagons and boys time to move up the field.   

I love the Mega Dread model so it is easy for me to take that choice.  Also since I know someone making a Forgeworld order I don't have to worry about getting it in time.  So the big worry... will it have any impact?  Unlike the stompa it can and will go down easily.  It might not even be a primary target which is good for it but bad for my other units.  Over all does it scream "THIS IS APOC!!"? If not maybe I should pass on it...

I guess I have a couple of weeks to decide.

sigh... tough choice...