Sunday, February 15, 2015

WIP: The Flash Gits Experiment

I started to work on my custom flash gitz this weekend.  I started with some Assault on Black Reach Nobs and I want to make up some souped up Snazzguns.

My fist conversion was a simple one.  I used the following pieces:

ork nob
cybork arm (harpoon gun)
Loota head
tau Burst cannon
icon pole

 First I took off the harpoon.  Then I took just the barrel of the burst cannon and glued that into place. I took the power pod and attached that to the side of the arm then assembled the nob.  This is what I got.

yea the barrel of the pistol needs to be drilled but other than that I like him.  The question is, "Is he a Flash Git?"

My next take was a bit different.  I used:

ork nob
combi-guns from nob box.
backback from nob box
ammon box from battlewagon kit
heavy bolter from cadian heavy weapons team.

This one was a bit more work.  I had to shave off the gun arm. Then I took off the regular barrel off the gun making sure I kept the hand on the gun. Then I had to shave the heavy bolter to fit on the spot I cut out I then flipped ammon box to feed the bullets into the feed. I added the backpack on and *BAM* MY second Flash git is done.  

Again I see some flash and a barrel to drill but I like him.  I have 2 more that I am going to work on.  I like both of these guys.  Tell me what you guys think about them. Would you mind if I used them as Flash Gits? Until next time.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?