Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First games of the year.

This weekend I Joined an ongoing campaign with a local group I meet on The guys I met, Daniel and Tim were cool and laid back.  That is just the type of players I want to be hanging out with.

The mission was Kill Team at 250 points.  I brought out a mob of 'ard boy shoota with a big shoota and 3 deffkopta. I got to play in 2 games each one had different flavors.

In one game there were 6 objectives and each had a hidden trait. These traits went from nothing to a small squad of rebels to 2 light mechs.  Once triggered at the end of a game turn the rebels fired at the closest model.  While the 5 rebels had the traits of scions one mech was a heavy bolter marine and the other was a terminator with a S8 2 shot AP2 small blast.  This thing was crazy. Since they were not too crazy and they just shot at the closest it was easy to avoid them or to remove them.  The "Boss Mech" was a bit much maybe just a plasma cannon profile would be better but I am not complaining.  It took out his Centurion and won me the game. I played against Tim's space marines. He had a full TAC squad with a lone Centurion.  I was worried about the Centurion but my plan was to get into combat ant take out as many marines as I could.  Hopefully I could kill enough to make the Centurion run. Little did I know that I was going to get some help.

The second game was a little like Emperor's will with 15 tokens instead of the one.  I played against Daniel and his guard.  He had a scion unit and a vet squad with a chimera.  I was a little worried about the chimera but I felt my Koptas would be able to handle it.  Which I was right. I took it out turn 2.  The kopta's T5 made it hard for him to wound them.  In the end I just used them to assault his squads and wear him down till he failed his 4+ saves.

Both games were fun.  No one brought anything crazy.  If anything I think my list was the power list. Orks are just good in small point games.  I am sure they could change up their armies to combat mine.

Our host, Daniel, had the secret weapon tiles that looked pretty cool. I like the look of them better than the GW ones.  With the smaller size you can have a variety of setups and while there were some odd terrain parts like rubble and debris they didn't have those huge slopes that I hate on GW's board.  In the end once they get painted up I am sure they will look awesome.

There is another gameday at the end of the month and I plan on going. It will be nice to find some kindred spirits to play against.  Now if only I can get my stuff painted up.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?