Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WIP: The Flash Gits Experiment continues...

With all the snow I have had some time to finish up my Flash Gits.

Before starting on the next Git I decided to add another piece to the previous one.
I thought he could use another gun so I added a tau flamer under slung.  I thought there was something missing now he looks sufficiently dakka-ed out.

The next Git uses the following
Ork Nob
big shoota arm from boy kit
Tesla Carbine from Tomb Blade kit
boss pole from nob kit
warboss head
Green stuff.

This simple conversion I just added the tesla carbine under the big shoota and I wrapped the green stuff around like they tied the two guns together. I like the look of him.  Very beefcake.

The last one was also a simple conversion. It contains:

combi shoota w/ arms
boss pole
gun barrel from killa kan kit

To make this work I had to cut off the fixed arm so I could add the shoota arms.  Then I trimmed off the rokkit housing then added the barrel of the other gun.  Put it all together then there you go.

Over all I am happy with these little conversions.  I plan to get a real box of Gits then I will have 10 since I have one old metal one from a few years ago.  Of Course I need to rebase them since the new Gits are on Terminator bases.

When the weather warms up I will put a base coat on them and finish them up.  It is sad that they are held up by that but what can you do?

I hope you liked these guys. I am always looking for comments. Good or bad.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?