Wednesday, March 11, 2020

5 more sisters done

I finally had some time to paint. I have been really busy lately and then I was traveling to the east coast for the Club Clash. I am back and I can try to get back to painting again.

These are my first two retributor. In the end i will have 4 heavy bolters. I will also have a squad of multi-meltas so I will have some options.

Next up is just a basic Battle Sister. I still have a few of these to paint but I am slowly working through them.

While not my best work I am happy how they are turning out.

I also painted up two melta sisters. I will use these in the normal squad as well as the Dominion Squads.

I did the tip in bright silver to help pick out the meltas quickly on the game board.

I am hoping to get back into painting again. I hope to keep painting. It would be nice to get a squad done a week but that might be a bit optimistic.

Questions? Comments? The emperor protects!