Monday, February 24, 2020

I Have Been Away

Sorry folks. I have been pretty busy with travel and work.  I also have not finished anything either so I am a bit ashamed.  So here I am to show you what I have been doing.

First up is the Triumph of St Katherine.  I have most of the centerpiece completed. I also finished 3 of the 6 escorts finished. Once I finish the last 3 all that will be left are a few touch ups.

While working on these I also went on a trip.  I took along 6 sisters to work on since they would travel better. I did these batch style.  They are about halfway done.

To play in my local clubs league I also built my exorcists.

Finally I also based my Seraphim and rebased my older metal models.

I am hoping to get a few more of these finished before my trip to MD. If I get any of these finished you guys will be the first to know. 

Questions? Comments? The Emperor Protects!!