Friday, January 17, 2020

Sisters of Battle

I have been really busy at work and not getting a lot of hobby time lately.  On top of that I have felt pretty lowsy and did not want to type up a long blog but it has been a while and I have doe some painting so here we are.

 I kept with the scheme that I started with the old metal models.  The more I use the Black Templar contrast paint the more I like it.   I am now using it for the robes cloves and gun.

I went with a blue on the flamers since my wife says a blue flame is much hotter than a red one.  who am I to argue.

I really like how the icon turned out.  I might get a grey or white contrast paint to do my statues for the rest of the army.  I will keep these black since they are small but I think either white or grey will do nicely.

The box set had duplicates in so they will look weird if next to each other but if you space them out it is not so bad.  I have a new box on the way so that will add in some more variety in the squads. This next picture is a duplicate of the first one pictured.

I completed the squad and now I am ready to move to the Repentia and Canoness.  I am ready for the Triumph and Retributors that are coming in tomorrow.  I can't wait to see them on the field.

Questions? Comments? The Emperor Protects!