Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  As I have done with the last few years, I have come today to leave a long list of what I want to get done this year. Also, remember this only covers what I know now and the Games Workshop likes to throw new kits me all year long.  With that said, here are my resolutions for 2020.


Right now, I have most of my Tyranids painted.  Sure there are some odds and ends but I am happy with where I am sitting with them.  There is still a Carnifex to magnetize along with the 3rd edition tyrant and a few rippers to paint.  Unless they bring out something new for the bugs, I will be happy just finishing these three things.

Genestealer Cult

I still have a few of the GSC hanging around from last year.  I just didn't have enough motivation to finish them but I hope to fix that this year. I want to finish painting the Jackals, the Sanctus, and the two Ridgerunners. If I am adventurous I also could add a squad of Abberants that I picked up late last year.


For the orks, the few unpainted models I want to focus on this year are my Killa Kans.  I am trading 3 painted Kans for 3 unpainted Kans so I can have the new ones match with the Deathskulls paint scheme I am using. If the Psychic Awaking is nothing more than a few rule changes and no new models, I have a few projects I can work on. The first is to convert a Dakkajet into a Scrapjet.  the second project is to convert a third Battlewagon.  Both of these are a slow burn that needs the proper motivation to get finished.


Since Tau are my least painted army, I would like to focus on getting them painted this year.  I would like to start with the new troops, the Breachers.  From there, I want to paint the Devilfish for their transport.  After those, I need to finish my Stingwings.  Lastly,  I would like to finish painting some of my broadsides.  Anything past that is just wishful thinking.

Sisters of Battle

Now that the Sisters have come and I have the starter box, I have at least that box to paint up. I also would like to paint up at least 4 more battle sister squads as well as a couple of squads of dominions, Seraphim, and Retributors.  Finally I would also like to get a few of the vehicles.  1 Exorcist and 3 Immolators is a good start with a few Penitent Engines to round out the army.  I have fleshed out the start of a list.  It requires me to get the vehicles previously mentioned for a 2k list along with Imaginefier, Hospitaller and the Triumph of Saint Kathrine.  With their arrival scheduled for early in the new year I expect to get an army on the table the next month or two after their release.  Maybe they will be ready for a flight to DC by march!

Ad Mech

A little while ago GW showed off a flyer for the Ad Mech.  I know I will be getting one so that will be on the list.  I also want to try out a 10 man squad of Electro Preists. So I will need to paint up my second set of 5.  And finally I want to try out the Hoplites.  I have almost built all of them. (some spears need to be unbent)  Once  built I will work on getting them on the table as well.


The Necron didn't get much love on the table this year.  They haven't gotten anything new for the robots in a long time either.  Hopefully, I can get a game or 2 with them this year.  I want to finish painting the command barge as well as fix my destroyers.  I just can't seem to get motivated to work on them.  Maybe this is their year.


The guard is easy.  I want to finish my Wyvern and then finally finish my Vendettas.  They have been waiting long enough.

Space Marines

First on my list of Marines is the Fire Raptor.  It is so close to being finished and such a cool model.  I don't have any cool characters like Guliman or Shrike to paint but I do have a few intercessors to paint though.  I also might buy the vanguard start collecting box to get some of the cool new units.  To be honest I am not sure what to do with these guys.  My budget will need to recover from the sisters before I do anything rash with the marines.  I might get a Warsuit for Dreadtober we will have to see.


I found a great deal on a Black Coach to be a center piece for this army.  I also wanted to try out a few battalions so I picked up a box of Bladegheists Revenants to follow Reikenor into battle.  I still need to paint my second squad of Chainrasps.  With all this painted, I will have 2000 points of Nighthaunt.  I hear they are not very powerful but They look so cool.  I would love to try out the cogs endless spell with them but I can't justify spending $75 just for that one spell. I will keep an eye out for one though.

Daughters of Khaine

Lastly, There is the Daughters.  I picked up a box of Blood Sisters during a Christmas sale to help flesh out my troops.  In the end I think I need another 2 boxes before I am happy with them.  Since, I will focus on my Nighthaunt this year I probably stick with just the one box though.


There you have it.  Nothing to challenging.  If I stick to the plans, I can get most of this done.  We will see what the future holds for me though.  Maybe there will be another big ork release and then all bets are off.

Do you have any hobby goals this year?  Did you complete your goals last year?  What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?