Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Showcase: sister of battle alternative

After assembling all of my new Sisters of Battle, it is time for me to actually paint them.  With the help from my wife, I laid out several different choices and this scheme was the winner.
I started with a white base coat.  This is something new to me but I new it was going to be a light scheme so I didn't want to base then, apply a second base to paint the lighter colors on then finally the colors themselves. I might try a wash on the white to pre highlight the parts to give me more depth on the model.

The blue is a hobby store acrylic metallic blue.  It is a light lighter than the blue I use on my necrons.  It does have a metallic sheen that does not show up well in the images. The yellow has a darker yellow under layer with a light yellow pearl acrylic paint.

I hope the preshading will help to highlight the model.  I might try to edge highlight or maybe drybrush to make the edges pop a little more.  I just don’t want to cover the metallic shimmer.

After talking with my wife about the bases, we were scratching our head about what to do about them.  After trying to explain that they should have some semblance to terrain we came up with a couple different options.

One would be an autumn flock while the other would be snow bases with some ice crystals.  The autumn flock would be very colorful but might clash with paint scheme.  The snow base will be an adventure since I have not done snow before.  Either way, these women will certainly look unique.

Questions? Comments? For the Emperor!