Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I continued to paint up my Sisters of battle.  This time I painted up a seraphim.  This could be a superior or one of the Gemini siters that go with Celestine. With the new edition I am not sure what it will be.
I used the same paint scheme as the regular troops with the exception of the wings.  Here I added a darker color in the recess of the wings to give it a little more detail.

I also added a wash to the corset and painted the buttons.  I plan to go back and add these details to my other sister models.  

Finally, I added a highlight to the yellow cloth.  This helps give the model a little more depth.

I am waiting for some blue crystals to come in before finishing the bases.  I am hoping to add them with some snow effects to brighten up the bases.

Questions? Comments? For the emperors?