Monday, August 31, 2015

If Weez Fightin, Weez Winnin!

This weekend my meetup group got together for another fun day of 40k! I was super excited because I missed the last 2 meetups and was itching to play some 40k.

I got to play 3 games and I found out that I am out of practice.  I had a great time.  I got to talk about my favorite hobby with some good guys.  I got some use out of my ork army. (they have been whispering to me for weeks) Finally I learned I need to keep working on my tactics.


I love the smasha guns.  They are BS 3 and are at least S5.  This does not help when you try to shoot at Dreadnaughts and keep rolling 1s.  Such a waste of firepower.  I also need to learn to keep them bubble wrapped  at least at first.  It hurts to be ran off the board turn 2.  (dang lictors)  I will not give up on them.  What I did learn is that I don't need the protection of the big mek in mega armor with KFF.  I only moved them once last game and don't think I made one  5++ save.  This should save me some points that can be used elsewhere.


I love the battlewagon.  It is a fun model and has 14 armor up front.  It is a good delivery system for my meganobs and shoota boys.  The problem is I am not upgrading them at all. So, once they unload, I have been ignoring them. In this objective based time I need to keep them active.  They can hold / contest objectives, they can provide cover for troops moving up the field or stall a unit from getting at a juicier target. In the end I think I should be adding some guns so they can help out on the battlefield.

Learn to play to objectives!

One thing that is hard for me is to not just charge forward and get into fights.  This goes against all my orky instincts but sometimes if I want to win I need to pay attention to the cards.  It doesn't help that the cards don't help me most of the time but that is how things go.  They can't always hate me..... I hope.  For the next run I think I will slightly alter my list.  Drop the mek and add some guns to the battlewagon.  I will probably drop the looted wagon as well and maybe add some flash gits or grot tanks.  I missed those little guys!

This week in the Nova Open.  I have to finish up my Tohaa battle group while dealing with homework since school has gone into full swing. Hopefully, I can finish them up and post a few shots of the trio.  I plan on taking some pictures and tweeting them out.  Follow me on @grenndal   on twitter for previews.  I should also have a few posts as well.

Have a great week!

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?