Thursday, June 16, 2016

WIP Necron Lychguard

Looking at my Necrons I felt they needed an update.  I also know I wanted to use more lychguard. Right now I only have 2 painted. So, This is a good opportunity to see what the new gem paint looks like.
Right now my Necrons are silver and a flat blue. I would like to change that to silver and a metallic blue.    I first tried to use GW's blue wash without success Then I heard that a blue glaze might work but it was like a weak wash and to get any color I felt like my mini was drowning in the stuff I guess I  just can't figure out how to use the stuff.

I started with a black base coat. Then, I added a coat of leadbelcher.  I then applied a highlight of the new stormhost silver. finally, I added a few thin coats of soulstone blue.

Looking at the results I was shocked on how the silver pops against the leadbelcher.  When I was applying it, I had a hard time telling where I applied it. Once the blue was added it is like a punch in the face. I don't like these highlights.  I know the lines are sloppy and bad, but a highlight should not stand out that much.  Maybe I need to try a color closer to leadbelcher.

Maybe all that my older model needs is a highlight. That will help bring out definition and and help him not look so flat. I can also try a different metallic blue.  I know Vallejo has both a metallic blue and a metalic top coat (or as Christine says taco)

After seeing the shiny color though I am not sure I can go back to the flat look.  What do you guys think? Is it my unsteady hand that makes those highlights look bad or is it the paints themselves?  Is there a better way to get metallic blue?  Inquiring hive minds want to know!!!

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?