Friday, June 3, 2016

Shorehammer list: Necrons

While I like the prospects of taking my Skitarii to Shorehammer, I want to look at my other options.  Today, I have made a Necron list that I think will work.

Starting with my HQ I will take both slots with an overlord and a cryptek.  The idea is to team them up with a group of lychguard and have them teleport in using the Veil of Darkness. I will give them both a phase shifter for the 4++.  The last bit of wargear will be a warscythe for the overlord.  This combo will let them get into the thick of things.  It might be hard against a fast group that can scatter after I deep strike.  If that is the case I might wait to use my teleport to grab an objective later in the game if the unit is still alive.

I might look at some of the other named HQs and see if they can do the same for less. Illuminor Szeras can replace the Cryptek and Nemesor Zahndrekh, Anrakyr the Traveller, or Vargard Obyron could replace my Overlord.  I know that Vargard has his own Veil but he loses the 4++.  The others don't have the veil so I will have to live with foot slogging which is painful.  I will have to weigh the benefits of Illuminor to see if he is worth the extra points.  For now we will go with a generic overlord and cryptek.

As far as models go, I have a overlord and a cryptek painted so they won't add anything to my hobby queue. I also own Vargard and Anrakyr so all I would have to do is paint them.  I would need to buy Illuminor or Nemesor if I am going to either of them to the list.  This puts a drain on my funds and time.  While this is not a deal breaker, it does factor into the equation.


I plan on going with ten warriors and ten immortals. I want to have my warriors have a ghost ark for transport. I think the ark is a nice addition to the list.  A few more extra shots and a little more durability to the army. I have all of these models so they wont cost me anything. All of my immortals are equiped with gauss weapons. If I wanted some tesla immortals I would need to add them to my shopping list. I will probably just stick with the gauss.  The warriors and immortal are painted so no extra hobby time needed for them either.  My ghost arks are empty and missing their driver.  I planned on adding in a crystal instead of the driver. This might give me the chance to finish that project. It is also pretty wobbly on a single base and seen some dual bases that seem to be more sturdy.  These additions will add in some extra time.

As I mentioned before I plan on bringing a group of lychguard.  I plan to equip them a sword and shield. I think this will make them durable and with S5 AP3 hits they can threaten most regular marines.  I think wolves will give them troubles as will Hammer Terminators.  It seems to do well most of the time.
With a cryptek to give them a 4+ reanimation protocols they will be even tougher to bring down. I have ten of these guys primed and a couple of them painted.  I might look to fix the ones that have the backwards facing swords before fielding them.  These guys will add some time to my hobby queue but no more money thankfully.

Fast Attack
From the fast attack slot I will bring the auto-include wraith squad.  This unit is cool.  Any time you can get a fast moving monster with a 3++, a small unit is an auto-include. They are everything I wish
tyranid raveners to be. I plan on binging a full pack.  It is a lot of points but I think that they will be a nice distraction as the rest of my army gets into position. I have 6 of these assembled and three of them painted. It will be nice to get all of them painted.

Heavy Support
For the points I think than an annihilation barge is a nice addition. The increased cost makes them less attractive but without a nightscythe or doomscythe I think this is a good way to get some S7 shots down the field.  I could switch it
out for a Stalker for a few more points but I think the barge is a better deal. I own two of these but only one is painted.  Thankfully I only need the one.

If I counted right this is 1250 on the nose.  I might adjust the list if I decide on different HQ. If I use this list I will have no extra costs. That is a big win.  I will need to switch gears and start painting Necrons.  They are almost as unpainted as my tau so it will be good to put a dent in mound of unpainted models I have.  This will also give me some other hobby projects like fixing the ghost ark and magnetizing the Annihilation barge so it doesn't keep loosing its base when I move it.  I also can't forget the work on the lychguard. In the end getting these guys ready will keep me busy for a while.  My wallet will be happy.  I still have the Skitarii to paint before anything else gets bought.  looks like my wallet will be safe for a while.

I look forward to any suggestions on what I should change.  I think it is a solid highlander list but then again I only have played them a couple of times since they got the new codex.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs?