Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Tuesday Leak Day!

Another Tuesday has come and we have another set of leaks from the upcoming White Dwarf.  This week we get to see the Kataphron Breachers / Destroyers.  I am really excited about this.  Atia from Bolter and Chainsword has given us some juicy pictures and translations.

Here is the summary of the translation:

Kataphron Breachers 

Equipment: Kataphron Assault Armor, Heavy Arc Rifle, Arc Claw 
Special Rules: Canticles of the Omnissiah, Very Bulky 

- Add up to 9 additional models for 50 pts each. 
- Each model may replace Heavy Arc Rifle with Torsion Cannon for free 
- Each model may replace Arc Claw with Hydraulic Claw for 10 pts each 

Kataphron Destroyers 
Equipment: Kataphron Half-Armor, Plasma Culverin, Phosphor Blaster 
Special Rules: Canticles of the Omnissiah, Very Bulky 

- Add up to 9 additional models for 55 pts each 
- Each model may replace Plasma Culverin with Heavy Grav Cannon for free 
- Each model may replace Phosphor Blaster with Cognis Flamer for 5 pts each

The special move/fire rule is Heavy Battle Servitors: 
"Models with this rule may not run, but can fire up to two weapons in the Shooting phase. These models count as stationary when firing Heavy or Salvo weapons, even if they moved in the previous Movement phase, and may charge in the same turn that they fired Rapid Fire, Salvo or Heavy weapons." 
Using the formations leaked earlier might have sealed the fate of the Dragoons and Ironstriders. While I still plan on getting them, I think their rolls have been filled with the allied formations. I have been craving Grav Cannons and these guys just might give them to me.

Kataphron Breachers

Looking at their load out have the 3+ save and a fist of some kind With the a heavy haywire gun or a new Torsion Cannon for range.    The problem is that they are slow so it might be hard to get into close combat (CC) with those claws. It is a good chance that they will be AP2. So while the Dragoons might have the quickness needed for CC units the breachers are the ones with the punch.  And if they can't get into CC they can throw out some hurt with their guns.

I think that the formation is the only way to play these. With the formation, it will be nice to Deep Strike these in and go to town on any vehicles that you want. Otherwise they have the Carnifex syndrome.  Way to slow to catch anything in range or CC.

Kataphron Destroyers

Ever since the marines got access to the Grav weapons I have wanted something like that for my armies. AP2 that wounds on the save value.  Not as useful against hordes but man will it chew through Terminators, monstrous creatures, and Wraith constructs.  Some of the banes of my existence.I would like to see what the plasma Culverin do but I would think it would be similar to a plasma cannon.

The Destroyers do have a weakness: a 4+ save with a Toughness of 5.  They probably will not be around for long.  Hopefully I will have some screening units or good deployments to help with some cover saves when they are shot at by high AP rounds.  At least they don't have the Tyranid warrior problem of being Instant Deathed  by S8 shooting.

Looking at the formation for these guys you get 2 squads of these guys and 1 squad of robots that have +1 BS and ignores cover.  Wow almost to much. Although it does weigh in at 620 base.   Very costly.

To be honest this model kit is the only one I want from the Cult. The robots are decent models but these guys are cool.  I am glad I started with the Skitarii.  I think this is the more powerful codex but the Skitarii have the better models.   With how the band wagoners hop from codex to codex I should have a pretty unique army and might be able to pick up some discarded models for cheap as people go to the new hotness.
Don't you think those treads would make awesome start to some grot tanks!!

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