Saturday, March 2, 2024

February Update


Hey, I came back with another update! This month was mostly a Ironjaws month with a sprinkle of Tyranids and one sneaky Ork. You can see my progress through the month on Instagram if you don't want to wait for these updates.

Ard Boyz

The first step of starting an army is establishing the paint scheme.  to do this I had to have a test model and so I give you my humble ard boy.  I naturally wanted to go with blue armor but I have som many blue armies that I wanted something different.  I didn't want to go read since I was going to do green orc skin and wanted to avoid the Christmas vibe.  So I took my wife to our hobby store and picked out a few metallic colors and had her choose one.  I am happy with this purple color.  I also grabbed a new speedpaint for the skin and I am happy with that as well.  I probably want to do a paint scheme post at some time so I can remember how I did this later on. 

Warboss on Mawcrusha

One of the big reasons I wanted to make an Ironjaws army is this guy.  I think this model is one of the coolest-looking models in the Sigmar line and I have been dying to have one.   With the purple armor, I had to figure out a color of the mawcrusha to compliment that armor.  I think this is a really cool combination.


While we are on the topic of leaders of my Ironjaws, I also completed a Warchanter for the clan. While not the coolest looking guy, where is his big weapon, he is useful.  He was a pretty straight forward paint job.  The trickiest part about him was putting on the breast plate.  They did not want to stay on his chest.

Brute Ragers

My first non-leader unit completed for the Ironjaws was the Brute Ragers.  I think these guys fuzzed up when I was priming them.  It makes the weapons look a bit funky but not to bad so I pressed on.  These guys are pretty cool with their huge weapons.  I can't wait to get more of this army done.


I am still working though my Levithan box.  All that is left are some termigants and rippers.  I knocked out another 5 gants this month.  I am really digging the contrast paint scheme.  I think it looks pretty good with very little change in my painting style.


My local store was late in ordering their Tyranids when they were released so I missed out on the new biovore kit.  While I wait for the official model, I decided to print one in the new style.  There are a few different takes out there but I think this is my favorite.


Lastly,  the guys over at Puppetswar have a new Ork Tracker Chieftian model.  I am a big fan of these guys and have been a Pateron of theirs for a while This guy takes the brutal part of works and the coolness of the predator and have made one cool model.  I think this is my new Snikrot.

There you have it.  another month in the books and a few models knocked out.  I have been building a lot of orcs so look for more of them soon.  I also have a big game of 40k coming were I want to bring my big Hierophant from Stationforge. Hopefully I can finish her in time.  

Happy Hobbying!