Monday, January 22, 2024

January Update

To keep up with my resolution I am going to try to create a post that goes over any hobby progress since the last post.  Let’s take a look.


Grotmas Gitz

The first model that I worked on was the Grotmas Gitz holiday model.  I thought this would be a fun model to paint up and to get into the festive feelings. He has rules so I could theoretically in a game but they are a legends unit so he can’t be used competitively. I went with my standard yellow Squig.  The rest I just went with what felt right.  


Squat Prospectors Bike


So, in Necromunda they added a wasteland component with vehicles.  While our group has not done much with this, I saw someone created a motorcycle 3D file for my squat protectors so I thought I would add one for my Squat Prospectors. They are pretty true to the look of the rider and I love the tracks instead of wheels. If we ever get into the wasteland expansion I will be ready with at least one bike.



Scriptors Mortis


I felt I wanted to change it up since I was painting mostly Votann so I picked the Scriptors Mortis. This model has been sitting on my pile for quite a while and was waiting for some love.  This model is really cool and will make an interesting addition to my spooky boys.  This was a standard paint scheme using the Nighthaunt blue with a drybrush of white on the edges.  The book was painted using a flesh tone to imply the pages are made from flesh.


Einhyr Hearthguard

If I ever want to get a game at my local shop, I need to get more of my Votann painted up.  This is my second set of Einhyr Hearthguard to add to my army.  These are equipped with fists and Volkanite guns.  I decided to just paint them up the same as the last group.  It will be easy to tell them apart if I use both groups since the first group has the swords equipped.  I did use a printed helmet for the sergeant for the squad just for a little variety.




I continued to work on Votann adding a Kahl to the army.  I already had one Kahl but it is always good to have more options.  This one had the Volkanite gun and fist like the guard.  I could add him to that group to make them even more deadly. 


Lokhust heavy destroyer

Lastly, I painted up a Lokhust heavy destroyer.  I want to get back to painting my Necrons. This is the first of the new style for the destroyer.  I have several destroyers that used the old style that will probably need a repaint since I have changed my scheme since I painted those old destroyers.  I chose the big gun option since Necrons has a lot of low-strength shooting.

We are now all caught up.  Looking forward I have more Necrons, Votann, and even some tyranids to paint.  I also want to work on the knight and Bio-titan.  Until the next post, happy hobbying.