Tuesday, April 9, 2024

March Update

Another month in the books. This month I focused on one thing, my hierophant. This beast of a model was made by one of my favorite 3D artists, Station Forge. If you are looking for some proxies there is a good chance that Station Forge has made it. I joined his tribes since one model is more expensive than the subscription and there is rarely a month where I don’t want one of his models.

After building this model I knew it needed a base to keep it stable so I got a 24” solid wood round. While it doubles the weight of the model, the model fits on it and I don’t have to worry about it flexing. The downside is this leaves a lot of open space.

Since my FDM printers are down again, I just can’t keep them running, I printed out some smaller spore chimneys on my resin printer. I also found a wrecked rhino model. I went old school and cast some plaster rocks and also made a support for the tail out of foam. I coated the base with sculptamold and finished that with some flock. Lastly, I added some Puppetswar genestealers and a frightened marine. This still left a lot of open space but I am happy with it.

Seeing that GW paint is so expensive I switched to the Army Painter Speed paint for this model. In truth, it is close enough that I will switch for good. It is cheaper and I don’t have to worry about it tipping over and spilling all over my work space (sorry honey) I know I could have gone a lot more in detail edge highlighting and all those things but really on a model this size I am just happy it is all painted.

At the end of the month, everything came together and we played a huge apocalypse game. I brought most of my Tyranids as did a few others but we were still outnumbered 3 to 1. Seeing that Marines and Titans are in a better place than Tyranids rules-wise, we just couldn’t do enough to keep the humans at bay.  

Lastly, at the start of the month, I painted a few small bugs. I painted two old Termagaunts, two new Termagaunts, and one new Hormagants. I got the hormagant from a GW store for free but at some point, I would like to get a few more. I am under 40 right now, so I need to boost that up some. Maybe I can find some similar files to boost the numbers so I can field two full squads. Something for future Grenndal to think about.

That is all for this month. I am slowly recovering from painting that big monster and should be back to painting soon. I have a knight, a lord of skulls, and several Orruks to paint. It would be nice to have all of them painted for the release of AoS 4.0. As Miniac Scott says Paint more Minis!