Thursday, May 30, 2024

May Update

Another month has passed and I continue down the hobby trail with a smattering of different armies.  Let’s take a look…


Ufthak Blackhawk

This special character from Games Workshop is a pretty cool Warboss.  He has a legend data slate so you can’t use him in most tournaments using his real rules, I am sure most opponents will be fine using him as a standard Warboss. I have switched to the slap-chop style for most of my minis.


Beastboss on Squigasaur

In my last game, I had a group of Squighog Boys with Mozzog and wanted another option to use the standard Beastboss. Also, I could use him with a second squad of Squighogs if I want to lean hard into the Beast Snagga build.

Necron Overlord

I started following the artist Napking on Cults who has some cool Necron proxies.  I printed one of these guys out to fill gives me another Overload. I painted him the standard style.  I am not impressed with the speed paint metals so some good old metallic silver for the win and some Vallejo Artic blue for the secondary color.  I might go back and add some white to the lightning to give it more of an energy feeling. The weapon is done with a Holo Taco green nail polish.


Flayed Ones

Keeping with the Necron theme we have more models by Napking we have some flayed ones.  I am not a huge fan of the flayed one by Games Workshop and these alternates were so cool that I picked them up. I need to go back and give the rocks a green tint like my other Necrons but other than that I am happy with these guys.  I eventually need a full set of twenty of these but three is good for a start.  I am not completely happy with the head Napking used so I tried some warrior heads.  It still is not 100% but I will keep working on it. 


Ophydian Destroyers

It wasn’t all Napking models that got some love this month.  I painted up some Ophydian Destroyers begging for paint for years.  These guys look like old wraiths but with axes instead of claws.  They fight for a slot on the field against Skorpek Destroyers and Wraiths.  They just are not as good as either of the other options so while I think they are neat they might sit on the display shelf for some time.



To clear the palate, I took some time out to paint my fourth Sagitaur so I could bring two squads of mobile warriors if I wanted.  This version has wheels giving me two with wheels and two with tracks. I also added a red panel for easy identification. Looking at the photos, I now need to touch up on the glass supports.  Easy fix.


Tuskboss on Gore-Grunta

Lastly, I just finished this big honking model, the Tuskboss on Gore-Grunta.  While I am not a fan of the whole boar riding part of the Ironjaws, I really have not found something that fills the size and menace.  If it was easy to put them on some Dracoliths or other dragon-like monsters I would switch them out.  For now, here is my Tuskboss.


Well, that is all.  It's not a huge haul but some nice any progress is good progress.  Any paint helps slay the grey and that is the goal.  Have a good one and we’ll circle back here in a month.