Saturday, March 13, 2021

Enter the Silent King

For my birthday, I treated myself to the Silent King for my Necron army.  He is a large model and very intimidating.  this post is the completed model.

I decided to paint him in sub-assemblies. I left off each crypteks and the King himself. I also left his cape off.  This leaves the throne and the two Menhirs.

I wanted to add another color so his cape would stand out a bit. I used the Turbodork Seafood metallic paint.  I think this fits in with my army's colors and I might go back and paint all the capes in the army this color.

I thought his base was a bit bland so I printed off some crystals and painted them with Moot Green with a white highlight.  I finally added a wash of Tesseract Glow. This is similar to how I paint the energy arks on the model. 

I tried a new technique with the stone.  I painted the recessed parts with moot green then came back and painted the stones with Caliban Green. making sure to leave the Moot green alone. Then I used Tesseract Glow as a heavy wash.  I like how it turned out.

I am really happy with how he turned out. I hear he is really powerful on the field.  I guess when we are back to playing games I might find out.

Have a good weekend!

Questions? Comments? We'll be back!!!