Monday, October 19, 2015

WIP: Cerastus Knight Acheron

I got some more work done on the Acheron last week.  His base is all done up and most of the details are done.

I am really digging this guy.  I have a few details left to do  like the ammo feed for the flamer.

On the back I see some touch up areas on his shoulders, few more cables to pick out in leadbelcher.

I think I also will try some drybrushing on the copper pieces to help make them pop.

Over all I would be happy to field this guy.  he is not fully painted but is near completion.

Next up is the decals.  I want to take the Skitarii icon and add it to the shoulders.  and mabe the admech on the leg plates. I am waiting for my sheets to come in so I can print them out.  It should be cool.
Skitarii icon
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